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AMHSSE Constitution



A “Member” is an employee of Manitoba Hydro for which the Association has been granted bargaining
rights for as defined by the Manitoba Labour Board.

A “Member in Good Standing” is the status assigned to a member when he or she is current on Association
The “Board of the Association” shall consist of the Executive Officers and Unit Chairpersons in accordance
with Article C.4.

The “Executive Officers” shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
The “Unit Chairperson” is a Member who is elected by the Members in an appropriate organizational group
(a “Unit”) to represent the Members of the Unit.

A “Term” is a two-year period of time for which Board Members serve normally beginning January 1st

The “Fiscal Year” of the Association shall be from January 1st to December 31st

A “Ballot” used to register a vote may be cast electronically or via mail

A “Quorum” is five members of the Board of the Association of which two members are Executive Officers.

A “Revoked” membership is one that has been withdrawn as existence of a serious and persistent breach of
the Association’s fundamental values on the part of a Member has been ascertained by the Board of the Association.




Article C.1 - Name
C.1.1 The name of this Association shall be "ASSOCIATION OF MANITOBA HYDRO STAFF AND SUPERVISORY EMPLOYEES” (AMHSSE) as defined by the Manitoba Labour Board.

Article C.2 - Objectives
The objective and purpose of the Association of Manitoba Hydro Staff and Supervisory Employees is:
C.2.1 To serve as an official organization that works for the mutual benefit, interest, welfare and
protection of its members;
C.2.2 To represent, negotiate, communicate and promote the broad interests of its members in the areas
of working conditions, compensation and other matters; and,
C.2.3 To promote harmony, cooperation and open communication between the Association, its members
and Management for the betterment of Manitoba Hydro, its employees and the public it serves.

Article C.3 - Membership
C.3.1 Membership in the Association shall consist of those employees of Manitoba Hydro as defined in
the scope of the certificate issued by the Manitoba Labour Board.
C.3.2 Eligible employees shall be admitted to membership upon paying fees and/or dues as may be
determined by the Association from time to time, except as outlined in Article C.3.3.
C.3.3 Upon revoking membership, an employee shall be eligible for re-application after a period of six
months following the date of revocation and, upon re-application, the employee shall be subject to a one
month waiting period prior to being admitted as a member.
C.3.4 Only members in good standing shall be entitled to hold elected office, to serve on committees, or
to act as a delegate of the Association.
C.3.5 Each member shall adhere to this Constitution in the conduct of the affairs of the Association and
shall act at all times in the best interest of the Association.

Article C.4 - Organization
C.4.1 The Board of the Association will normally consist of the following officers, who must be members
in good standing: Four Executive Officers including President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and four
Unit Chairpersons.

C.4.2 If the workload and the conditions warrant, the Board may increase this body by adding a 2nd Vice-
President and/or additional Chairpersons, or it may decrease this body by combining the duties of the

Secretary and Treasurer or the Vice-President and either the Secretary or Treasurer. At no time will this
body be less than seven members.
C.4.3 The President shall have at least two years experience on the Board of the Association and be a
current member of the Board prior to taking the President's office. The office of the President will be filled
by an appointment by the Board.

C.4.4 The Vice-President shall have at least one year experience on the Board prior to taking the Vice-
President’s office. The office of the Vice-President shall be an elected position.

C.4.5 All other members of the Board of the Association will be chosen through the Election of Officers
C.4.6 All Board members shall be elected for a two year term as defined in the By-Laws.

Article C.5 - Board Member Duties
C.5.1 The Board of the Association shall be responsible for the execution of authorized policies as
detailed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

They shall:
C.5.1.1 Assure the President's chair is filled at all times. This will be done by appointment from the
existing Board members.
C.5.1.2 Declare vacant any office should any officer fail to attend two regular and consecutive
meetings without having submitted a good reason for such absence.
C.5.1.3 Authorize all expenditures and shall not incur any indebtedness beyond the income of the
Association nor distribute funds for purposes not essential to the objectives of the Association.
C.5.1.4 Authorize the signing authorities or cheques for necessary expenditures. All financial
transactions must be authorized by a minimum of two Executive Officers. Only Executive Officers
will have signing authority.
C.5.1.5 Be governed by the majority vote except where otherwise provided for.
C.5.1.6 Authorize an independent external financial review of its financial records at the fiscal year
C.5.1.7 Have power to overrule or modify the action of any Board member of the Association.
C.5.1.8 Fill all vacancies in any elective office on a temporary basis until an election is held.

C.5.2 Duties of the President:
The President shall:
C.5.2.1 Be Chief Executive Officer of the Association.
C.5.2.2 Preside at all meetings of the Association and Board of the Association, and be ex-officio
member of all standing committees.
C.5.2.3 Sign all cheques with the Treasurer or Secretary for payment from funds of the
C.5.2.4 Enforce or cause to be enforced the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, and see
that appointed committees function correctly. He/she shall have the deciding vote in case of a tie.
C.5.2.5 Ensure that elections are held in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws.
C.5.2.6 Ensure that a yearly financial review of its financial records is completed and transact such
other business which may apply to his/her office.

C.5.3 Duties of the Vice-President
The Vice-President shall:
C.5.3.1 Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and shall be responsible for
whatever specific board duties assigned to the incumbent by the Board from time to time.

C.5.4 Duties of Secretary:
The Secretary shall:
C.5.4.1 Keep the general Association records, including committee appointments and minutes of
Board meetings and annual unit meetings.
C.5.4.2 Give proper notice of all meetings to the Board members and/or the Association members
at large.
C.5.4.3 Keep full and accurate account of proceedings of all meetings. Record all motions with the
mover’s and seconder’s names in the record of the Association. Record all alterations in By-Laws by
motion or amendment and fulfill other secretarial duties as directed by the President.

C.5.5 Duties of the Treasurer:
The Treasurer shall:
C.5.5.1 Receive all membership fees and other monies (from whatever source) to be deposited in
a financial institution designated by the Board of the Association.
C.5.5.2 Keep the financial records of the Association.
C.5.5.3 Give a current financial statement of the Association at each monthly Board Meeting and
annual unit meetings.
C.5.5.4 Ensure all invoices are paid in a timely manner.
C.5.5.5 Arrange for preparation of a financial review as per Article C.5.1.6.
C5.5.6 Prepare a proposed budget for each forthcoming fiscal year.

C.5.6 Duties of Unit Chairpersons:
The Unit Chairperson shall:
C.5.6.1 Preside at all meetings held in his/her Unit.
C.5.6.2 Serve as a standing member of the Grievance Committee for his/her Unit.
C.5.6.3 Normally serve as a member of the Negotiation Team.
C.5.6.4 Shall hold meetings throughout his/her Unit as deemed necessary with a minimum of one
Unit meeting annually.

Article C.6 - Nominations and Election of Board Members
C.6.1 The President shall appoint a Chairperson of the Elections Committee in October of each year.
C.6.2 Elections will follow policies and procedures as described in the AMHSSE By-Laws.
C.6.3 No Board member or members seeking election shall be a member of the Elections Committee.
C.6.4 Nominations shall only be accepted for one office.
C.6.5 Where more than one member is nominated or stands for a Board member position, the election
will be by secret ballot. Each candidate shall have a clear plurality of votes cast to be elected.
C.6.6 Unit Chairpersons shall be nominated and elected by ballot by members of Unit concerned as
defined in the By-Laws. This election shall follow the election of Executive Officers.

Article C.7 - Meetings
C.7.1 Special General Meetings:
C.7.1.1 At least one week's notice of all Special General Meetings must be given in writing to the
C.7.1.2 Forty-eight hours notice of all Special General Meetings must be given to the membership.
C.7.1.3 No other business shall be transacted at such Special General Meetings than that for which
the Special General Meeting has been called.

C.7.2 Unit Meetings:
C.7.2.1 Unit meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Board; however, they must be held at
least once in each Unit during the fiscal year and at least one month’s notice must be given to

Article C.8 - Constitutional Changes
C.8.1 This Constitution shall not be altered, suspended or amended unless upon the written notice of
motion given at two consecutive Board Meetings, and then by written notice to all members, and then only
by two-thirds majority vote of the ballots cast. The membership shall be informed as to the exact wording
of any proposed changes not less than sixty (60) calendar days prior to the vote.
C.8.2 The constitution shall be reviewed and amended as required subject to Article C.8.1 at minimum
every 5 years.

Article C.9 - Dues
C.9.1 Any changes to membership dues of the Association shall be approved by the membership via a
ballot vote.

Article C.10 - Voting Rights
C.10.1 All Association members in good standing shall have the right to cast their vote by ballot.

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