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Q.  Is AMHSSE aware of the wage discrepancy between similar IBEW and AMHSEE paygrades?

A. Yes, we communicated the discrepancy back in 2020 and how the growing concern will impact succession planning throughout the corporation. We are communicating with the Corporation regularly in an effort to solve this inequity.

Q. Can I grieve a job posting if I didn’t get the job? (Article 7)

A. The grievance process requires you to submit in writing your desire to grieve any article of the collective agreement which has been violated. The grievance request is then heard by the AMHSSE Board which will determine if in fact any articles of the collective agreement have been violated, and whether or not to proceed. The Board will first facilitate discussions between you and the hiring manager, and will also engage Human Resources to help determine the facts of the case. In most cases after discussions between the manager and the member the matter is resolved. Seniority is not a factor in awarding positions. Experience, Performance, and the interview itself are used to select candidates. All candidates are encouraged to have post interview discussions with the hiring manager.

Q. Can AMHSSE members get Per diem – (Articles D1.7.1, D1.8, , H1.1, H3.3, H5.1 superseded by LOU 19/2017-20)

A. Yes. Changes in the collective agreement in 2017 now require AMHSSE members to enter the meals and per diem through myHR similar to IBEW. You are entitled to meals, per diem and overtime meals in the same manner as IBEW. Upon exception and with prior manager approval you may expense or use the corporate credit card meals and per diems.

Q. Do AMHSSE members get overtime? Article D1.1, D2.2, D2.3

A. Yes! If you are directed to work outside of your normal working hours, you are entitled to overtime. The exception of hours calculated into the percentage add-on for those who are in receipt of add-on as per Policy 564. Directed means you have received prior approval from your direct supervisor or manager.

Q. If I get call on my phone to resolve technical problems, provide approval or coordinate responses after hours do I get paid? Article D2.3, D2.3.1, D2.3.1.1, D2.3.1.2

A) Generally, yes. If the approved process is to call you, then you are entitled to compensation. Each call is considered a minimum of 1 hour overtime. Multiple calls within the same hour count as one.

Q. I work outside of Winnipeg and I have to drive into the city to make an 8:00 am meeting. Do I get overtime? Articles H2.1

A. Yes – However, meetings should be scheduled to accommodate travel during working hours. Alternatively the corporation can insist you drive the day before and put you up in a hotel. Many members will leave work early to compensate for the extra time. This is your choice and must be approved by your manager.

Q. When working out of my headquarter zone, do I have to stay in a hotel or can I drive home each night? Articles H1.1, H1.1.1, H1.2

A. It is your choice to either commute, stay at a hotel, or provide your own accommodations. You must declare your intentions at the beginning of the work schedule. Prior approval is required from your supervisor if changes to your accommodations during the out of headquarter zone are required.

Q. Do I have to do the work of other bargaining units if they go on strike?

A. No. You cannot be forced to do the work of other bargaining units. However, if you are a supervisor of IBEW workers who are on strike, you may not have any work to do and could therefore be sent home without pay until your subordinates return. Since AMHSSE is not on strike, you must report to work as you are governed by our Collective Agreement.

AMHSSE’s position is to support the Corporation during these unsettled times, however it is clear to management that it puts our members in a very uncomfortable position. AMHSSE is working to make sure guidelines are in place to define what work that must be done is, and what work is considered non-emergency. Remember strikes are a tool used for negotiations that are protected by the Manitoba Labour Law.

Employees on Temporary AMHSSE assignments will be expected to stay in the AMHSSE position.

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